Role of Pharmacists in Improving Patient Satisfaction and Reducing Readmission

A research conducted by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) looks into the factors responsible for higher patient satisfaction. The research finds patients receiving attention from pharmacists to display higher satisfaction from treatment. In this arrangement, pharmacists are required to attend to patients during hospital stay. However, the level of attention given to these patients depends on the proactiveness of pharmacists.

The research findings presented at ASHP’s 54th Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition. Meanwhile, it is established poor communication during transition of care across hospitals leads to higher rate of readmission. Considering this, the researchers set out to find ways of improving patient-satisfaction and reducing readmission rate across hospitals.

Roles of Pharmacists in Patient Management

 Disease education and medicine reconciliation are two important aspects related to the role of pharmacists. The researchers persuaded pharmacists to focus on these two aspects, and recorded subsequent changes in patient satisfaction levels. It revealed transition of care models by pharmacists helped in improving patient satisfaction. Furthermore, this process also helped in reducing the rate of readmission across hospitals. The research focused on the role of pharmacists in educating patients about the importance of medication once they move out of hospital-care. The pharmacists also followed-up with patients through phone calls to understand their progress. Besides, pharmacists encouraged to talk to patients and counsel them during hospital stay.

 Analyzing the Research Sample

 A sample of 1,728 patients was drawn-out for the research. Of these, 414 patients received complete information relevant to transition-of-care. They also received follow-up calls by pharmacists. Hospital readmission rates dropped by 5% as a result of changes in transition care modules. The researchers assert the importance of medication management and post-discharge care by pharmacists.

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