Robots Application Breakthrough in Environment Protection

Environmental concerns have gathered steam in the past couple of years. Rising water pollution, the release of harmful chemicals, and depleting fish population in different water bodies further raised concerns. To address this, roboticists came with extraordinary pet projects in which they introduced vacuuming up of lionfish. iRobot CEO, Colin Angle is also a co-founder of Robots in Service of the Environment (RSE). RSE is a volunteer-based organization that works to protect the environment with the help of various robots.

Fish-Vacuuming Robots to Address Depleting Count of Fish in Atlantic

In 2017, the organization started its first project where they designed a robot to capture the invasive species. This will help in decimating reef fish that are attacking other fishes in reef surrounding area. The fish-vacuuming robot is capable of traveling up to 400 feet, where the fish breeds and stay. Mobile devices and laptops are likely to assist in monitoring developments taking place deep underwater. This device can provide underwater information for an hour at a stretch. Currently, the device is a prototype, and developers had been deploying this for different testing mission in Florida.

Moreover, fish-vacuuming robots earned US$29,000 in a Kickstarter campaign. Following this achievement, RSE launched the popularly named as Guardian LF1 Mark 3.

Lionfish at large are disrupting the coral reef and depleting fish population in the Atlantic. Latest advancements introduced in RSE Guardian LF1, increased its capability to go deeper in the ocean. It can also pull in a larger haul and can fish for a longer duration. Angle said that with each effort they make to integrate advanced technology, they get a bit closer to save natural resource. They also empower fisherman with novel tools.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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