Robotics to Set the Pace of Innovation in Autonomous Last Mile Delivery Market

The autonomous last mile delivery market is making advances on the back of strides made in eCommerce sector. Last mile delivery represents a large share of cost of the logistics, and hence several companies are leaning on using automation to optimize the delivery. Autonomous systems have emerged as a potentially attractive option in meeting consumer demand. The reduction of cost is a prime objective for players who want to disrupt the autonomous last mile delivery market.

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The growing penetration of drones in the logistics sector is a key trend in the autonomous last mile delivery market. Rise in number of mobile robots and autonomous vehicle technology has expanded the avenue in the market. In this regard, players have seen disruptive potential in autonomous vehicle technology.

Business Proposition of Cost-Effective Drones Technologies Growing

Rising consumer expectations have raised the ante for incumbent players– parcel delivery companies and commercial vehicle players need to change gears to meet the stiff competition posed by new entrants. The growing business proposition of cost-effective technologies is opening up new avenues in the autonomous last mile delivery market. A growing number of commercial vehicles technologies have piloted and tested for autonomous last mile delivery. Use of electric delivery vans (EV) is presenting new avenues for stakeholders.

In recent years, a few large-scale deployment of drones for the delivery of medical products and essential supplies have added momentum to the expansion of the autonomous last mile delivery market. Growing number of market-ready autonomous vehicles has already started to change the course of the market. A key trend in adoption is fueled by growing number of, semiautonomous delivery vehicles for parcel delivery. The market is thus expected to see high degree of competition during the forecast period.

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Some of the key players in the autonomous last mile delivery market are, Inc., TeleRetail GmbH, Wing Aviation LLC, Alibaba, Starship Technologies, and Nuro.  

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