Road Freight Transportation Market – Know the prominent factors that will help in reshaping the market growth

Road freight is the transport of cargo used for small shipments over short distances. Road freight is often necessary in the beginning and end of multi modal transport chain. Prevalence of road freight in logistics globally is one of the key growth prospects of the market.  As road freight transportation is cost effective, helps in short delivery time and also possibility of taking the most convenient route. Road transport is the dominant mode of domestic transportation in Sweden with almost 90% of goods transported through roadways. Road freight being the only mode involved in many door to door to freight chains constitutes to all the road transportation.

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Due to covid-19 impact, there were road capacity declines and increase in prices. In 2020, capacity was down in almost every country, from Europe to America, or from Asia to Europe. Road freight transportation leads to significant emissions and congestion. According to MDPI, transport emissions accounts for 23% out of total CO2 emissions in European Union where road transport accounts for 70% and heavy duty vehicles account for over 25% of CO2 emissions from road transportation in Europe. With urbanization, pollution level has gone up to a high degree.

Rising Importance of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle technology is another factor providing benefits to the freight vehicles by reducing carbon emissions, noise, air pollution, etc. With the help of battery electric vehicles, emission of polluted air, GHG reduces if the electricity production is not carbon intensive. Technological advancements in electric vehicles are helping electric heavy duty trucks viable due to decreased life cycle cost of heavy duty trucks. With environmental benefits, and due to lack of emissions, improvement in public and driver health, electric vehicles have been growing in the market. Consideration of weight, charging infrastructures or speed of charging and lifecycle, and more technological advancements during the forecast period may lead to increase the road freight market among electric vehicles. 

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