RNA Based Therapeutics and Vaccines Market to Bank Largely on COVID-19 Vaccines

The growing prevalence of infectious diseases and cancer across the globe is stated to bring extensive growth opportunities for the global RNA based therapeutics and vaccines market through the assessment period of 2019-2029. Promising technological developments are also aiding the market to capture a lion’s share. The absence of effective alternatives to RNA based therapeutics and vaccines further helps in boosting the growth rate greatly.

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Strategic Partnerships between Companies Bringing Good Growth

Companies in the RNA based therapeutics and vaccines market always try to forge partnerships and collaborations that prove fruitful for expanding their consumer base. Furthermore, mergers and acquisitions also help the players in the RNA based therapeutics and vaccines market to strengthen their influence. Investments from government and non-government organizations further help in weaving a strong web of growth for the RNA based therapeutics and vaccines market.

Development of COVID-19 Vaccines to Keep Growth Engine Chugging

The world is witnessing tremendous devastation due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. The ideal method of reducing transmission is a safe and stable COVID-19 vaccine. The race for developing an effective COVID-19 vaccine is in full throttle. In this race, RNA based vaccines are playing an important role. These vaccines, if successful can transform the growth scenario across the RNA based therapeutics and vaccines market. Some of the recent developments related to RNA based COVID-19 vaccines are as follows:

• A novel RNA vaccine developed by Arcturus Therapeutics has shown positive outcomes as it guards mice against COVID-19

• Cartesian therapeutics has begun trials of RNA-based cell therapy for COVID-19

Such developments show promising growth for the RNA based therapeutics and vaccines market. Some well-established participants in the RNA based therapeutics and vaccines market are Sylentis S.A., Arbutus Biopharma Corp., Miragen Therapeutics, Inc., Regulus Therapeutics Inc., Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Quark Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Moderna Therapeutics Inc.

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