Rising Use of Multifunctional ICs in IoT Devices bolsters Demand for Semiconductor Wafer Inspection Equipment

Semiconductor wafer inspection equipment has gained widespread traction in the global semiconductor manufacturing environment. Manufacturers use the system and the technologies for manual or automated wafer inspection of variety of wafer defects, most notably physical defects and random defects. In bonded wafers, their application improves process control and largely helps in enhancing the quality of semiconductor wafers. Wafer size over the past few decades has increased in dimension, thereby intensifying the need for better wafer inspection. The advent of automated system has made wafer inspection more accurate, reliable, fast, and helped manufacturers overcome the pitfalls of macro defect detection.

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Rising application of software, platforms, and analytics in semiconductor wafer inspection by manufacturers world over is a key trend propelling the growth of the market. Unpatterned wafer inspection has gathered some steam among semiconductor manufacturers in recent years. Semiconductor wafer inspection equipment will continue to hold an exciting potential in the semiconductor industry and end-use industry verticals.

Rising Use Cases of IoT Devices opens New Avenue

Over the past few years, a great deal of momentum for the global semiconductor wafer inspection equipment has come from rising number of IoT devices. This can be attributed to the rising use of multifunctional integrated circuits (IC) in these devices. Rising use cases of IoT devices apart from their extensive use in diverse applications is likely to underpin several lucrative prospects for the market in near future. In addition, increasing popularity of automated macro defect semiconductor wafer inspection system is expected to boost the market.

Growing application of unpatterned wafer inspection tools in IC production flow bodes well for the market. Burgeoning demand for semiconductor wafers, including light-emitting diode, CMOS image sensors, and microelectromechanical systems, among chipmakers is a key factor bolstering the demand for semiconductor wafer inspection equipment. Furthermore, the market is expected to witness new, lucrative avenue for manufacturers on account of rapidly rising demand for semiconductor devices among consumers in emerging markets.

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