Rising Road Mishaps Paving Roadway to Artificial Blood Substitutes Market

The global artificial blood substitutes market is anticipated to witness a staggering growth in the following years. The rising numbers of traumatic road mishaps are expected to pave the road to expansion of the global artificial blood substitutes. Thanks to well-equipped medical infrastructure for making this life saving artificial blood substitutes available to the mankind.

Some of the factors pushing the global artificial blood substitutes market to expand are as follow.

• Increasing case of emergencies such as severe injury, heart attack, immediate need for surgeries is expected to boost the global artificial blood substitutes market in the upcoming years.

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• Real blood has to be compatible with donor’s blood. Finding a right donor is difficult during emergencies as there the precious time cannot be lost. This calls for demand for artificial substitutes market.

• The artificial blood is capable of carrying the oxygen similar to that of Red Blood Cells. It plays a role of RBCs; however, our natural blood has multiple functions. The cost of artificial blood is much less than natural blood transfusion. But, it is important to note that artificial substitutes are temporary solutions. To fight against diseases a human needs natural blood with not jut RBCs but also WBC’s. To save life until the natural blood is made available the surgeons and physicians prefer artificial blood. This could nudge the growth of the global artificial blood substitutes.

• In terms of region, North America is expected to lead the global artificial blood substitutes market. The growth in this region could be due to presence of impressive and advanced medical care system. Moreover, rising awareness among people is projected to prolifirate the market in the upcoming years. The high investment on resaaeerch and development and technological improvement to study stem cell therapy and genomics sequencing can improve the global artificial substitutes market.

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Author: Rohit Bhisey

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