Rising Prevalence of Venous Diseases to Shape Global Compression Stockings Market

Increasing demand for these stockings to prevent further progression of various venous disorders is likely to bolster growth of the global compression stockings market. Compression stockings refer to a specialized hosiery that is designed in such a way that is able to assist in the prevention of the occurrence of various venous disorders such as thrombosis, phlebitis, and edema. Compression stockings refer to elastic compression garments, which are worn around one’s legs and it compresses the limb.

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There has been a rise in the number of patients suffering from various venous disorders across the globe is likely to support growth of the global compression stockings market. Venous disorders refer to those chronic conditions that are caused by veins and have become diseased or abnormal. Such diseases comprise conditions like chronic venous insufficiency, deep vein thrombosis, spider veins, leg ulcers, varicose veins, leg swelling, and many other such conditions.

Presence of a Large Pool of Geriatric Population to Bolster Growth

The pressure these compression stockings put around one’s legs assists the blood vessels to function in a much better way. The arteries that carry oxygen-rich blood to the body muscles can thus relax and assist in free flow of blood. As such, the veins get the much needed boost to push back the blood to one’s heart.

Compression stockings also assist in keeping one’s legs from getting achy and tired. They also find use in reducing swelling in one’s ankles and feet and ankles and help in the prevention and treatment of varicose and spider veins. With such multiple benefits the global compression stockings market is likely to grow rapidly over the period of assessment. 

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There has been a rise in the number of geriatric population and they are more likely to suffer from such conditions. The risk of various venous disorders such as chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins increases with age. As such, presence of large pool of geriatric population is likely to bolster growth of the global compression stockings market in the years to come.

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