Rising Prevalence of Disease-Related Infection Wounds is Augmenting Development of Enzymatic Wound Debridement Market

Wound debridement or wound cleaning is an important procedure after any accident or surgery. Products of enzymatic wound debridement are mainly used for the treatment of surgical wounds. Majority of wounds after any kind of surgery are generally quite large and deep. Such wounds then produce exudate, which needs constant monitoring, cleaning, and management. With the help of enzymatic wound debridement, it becomes easier to clean and manage such wounds.

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Let’s have a quick look at some of the notable developments in the global enzymatic wound debridement market:

  • In 2016, the National Institute of Health in the US conducted a research study about the advantages hydro surgery provides in wound debridement. However, in 2018, the institute published a report that stated modern innovations plasma mediated enzymatic wound debridement or hydro surgery can offer relief for non-healing and deep wounds as well.
  • In 2018, SastoMed GmbH was acquired by Molnylcke, a German company having expertise in enzymatic wound debridement. The aim of the takeover was to launch a range of new products that will help patients get quicker relief and make the wound healing process easier to manage.

Generally, wounds in patients suffering from diabetes do not heal quickly. These wounds often get infected and at times can lead to gangrene. Such cases offer entry to enzymatic wound debridement products. They help in removing the cause of infection and keep the wound in check. What is driving the growth of the enzymatic wound debridement market is the increasing prevalence of such diabetic or disease related wounds. In addition to this, across the globe, the general immunity has been observed to decline due to several environmental factors such as pollution. People are more susceptible to infection and related injuries and wounds. This is especially true for older population across the globe. This is also a key reason that has helped in driving the growth of the global enzymatic wound debridement market.

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