Rising Occurrence of Cervical Cancer Intensifies HPV Testing Market

HPV here stands for human papilloma virus. It is a group of viruses that attack human body, set of particular cells that are moist surfaces. Increasing prevalence of cervical cancer among women is expected to boost the HPV testing market.

Price Slash Strengthens HPV Testing Market

Due to increasing incidences of cervical cancer in women and number of deaths, the government across the globe is taking measures to reduce the HPV testing costs, especially in underdeveloped economies. The government aims at reducing the mortality rate, pushing the global HPV testing market to grow in the future.

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• Rising awareness about the early diagnosis of the disease among women is expected to fuel the HPV testing market.

• North America dominates the global HPV testing market due to the growing incidences of women with cervical cancer.

• Tests kits with HPV assays provide more accuracy in the diagnosis, aiding in the expansion of the HPV testing market. Additionally, these kits are easy to use and come with directions to use them in an effective manner.

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Nucleic Acid Technology Propels Growth in Global HPV Testing Market

Australia is going one step forward in cervical cancer preventive screening from cervical cytological testing to molecular nucleic acid technology (NAT) with the help of HPV DNA assays for primary cervical cancer screening. This test ensures highest degree of quality and reduces the chances of false positives or negative screening. Thus HPV NAT test is proving to be a boon to the cancer detection area in the medical sector. This technology has been welcomed and embraced by many clinicians and medical communities across the globe. More countries are adopting HPV NAT test as a method of secondary prevention for cervical cancer among women, owing to the robust expansion of the global HPV testing market in the coming years.

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