Rising Occurrence Low Immunity to Increases Global Food Minerals Market

Vitamins and Minerals are essential for health body and mind. Minerals such as calcium, iron, and zinc are some of the food minerals. Low immunity due to unavailability of mineral rich food is projected to open up growth arena for the global food mineral market in the forthcoming years.

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Vitamin D Reduces Cancer Mortality Rate

Michigan State University researchers have found that if Vitamin D is consumed for three years, it can help delay eventualities among critical stage cancer patients. According to Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S., cancer is known to be the second largest cause for deaths in the U.S. alone. The studies states that there have been significant enough to state that the Vitamin D may show promising results in life expectancy of cancer patients. Drug companies are expected to capitalize on this new study by launching value added drugs of Vitamin D. However, it is important to note that so far there’s no mention about the dosage. Therefore, it is advisable to take oncologists consent before starting the drug for such a longer period. It carries plenty of opportunities without many side effects, if the results holds true in real time scenario, the global food minerals market is projected to witness a huge shift in the coming years.

Vitamin D to Reduce Blood Sugar Levels Promotes Global Food Mineral Market

A new study states that Vitamin D may minimize the blood sugar levels and boost insulin sensitivity, thus enhances pancreatic beta cell functioning. The results of the studies are published and available in The North American Menopause Society Journal.

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This likely to provide growth opportunities for pharmaceutical companies, thus the global food mineral market is expected to witness an array growth potential in the upcoming years.

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