Rising Number of Infections to Drive Malaria Rapid Diagnostics Devices Market

Malaria rapid diagnostic devices market is highly fragmented. Leading players are concentrating on firming up their market positions and growing their product collection by presenting numerous types of malaria rapid diagnostic products, including assays, kits, and tests. Malaria is stagnant as one of the major causes of death in many regions across the globe. Malaria at the time of pregnancy can influence in more than one way causing congenital infection, less birth weights, and stillbirths.

As stated by Centers for Disease Prevention, pregnant women are three times more prone to catching malaria infections. Prompt subsequent treatment and diagnosis plans are thus vital in management of the disease. Growing number of such infections is due to creating a demand for rapid and easy diagnostic methods in the malaria rapid diagnostic devices market.

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Increasing Demand for Diagnostics Methods Propels Growth of the Market

The tropical disease sourced by a mosquito named as female anopheles. These mosquitoes are infected through some species, the plasmodium caused more that 4, 45,000 life globally in 2016, as stated by the World Health Organization (WHO). Figures also indicate that more that 216 mn cases of malaria were recorded globally. Growing prevalence incidences are estimated to fuel the malaria rapid diagnostic devices market.

Therefore, growing request for diagnostics techniques is the major aspect expanding the malaria rapid diagnostic devices market growth. Malaria is the most common life-threatening diseases, occurring in the subtropical and tropical regions. This is due to underdeveloped healthcare infrastructure, low access to advanced treatment, changing climate, and low economic growth.

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Developing Regions like India and Africa to Push Demand of the Market

Geographically, Africa is projected to lead the regional market due to the maximum disorder burden affected attributed to aspects like deprived healthcare system, local weather conditions, and socio-economic uncertainty. P. falciparum is the maximum occurring disorder parasite in this area, estimated for almost 99% of all cases in Africa. As stated by the WHO, a projected 90% of the worldwide malaria cases and 91% of worldwide malaria deaths were noted in Africa. These details have shown the growing disorder occurrences in the area.

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