Rising Number of Emergency Cases to Fuel Intravenous Fluid Bags Market

The intravenous fluid bags are gaining momentum because the traditional IV bags are not leak poof, therefore there is always a scope of considerable amount of drug being wasted. The demand for non-PVC fluids bags are growing in medical sector, especially from hospitals. The number of emergency cases increases day by day, therefore the global intravenous fluids market is projected to expand.

Less Risk of Infection to Stimulate Global Intravenous Fluid Bags Market

According to new studies, using intravenous fluid instead of conventional saline can reduce the risk of kidney failure and death in some cases.

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Intravenous solutions maintain a balance by including right amount of potassium and saline. This helps in producing more plasma, aiding the growth of the global intravenous fluids bags market in the future.

Post-Surgery Care to Expand Global Intravenous Fluid Bags Market

Utmost care of patients should be considered not just before or during the surgery. After the surgery, the patients are put to recover from the trauma and their vitals are tracked by doctors. During the course of recovery, the patients receive intravenous fluids depending on their body fluids level. The rising number of various surgeries such as cancer, knee, hip, kidney, etc. are provides impetus to the growth of the global intravenous fluid bags market.

• Additionally, they are easy to maintain and administered, thus the hospitals across the globe use them in numbers and to provide better services to the patients.

• However, the flipside is there may be shortage of such IV bags during the outbreak of epidemics or natural calamities. Thus, the hospitals should make alternative arrangements and the manufacturers should also consider such situations to meet demand and supply.

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• Nonetheless, the increasing hospital admissions are projected to bolster the growth of the global intravenous fluids bags market.

On the basis of geography, the global intravenous fluid bags market is expected to dominate the market, this is due to well established medical infrastructure in this region.

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