Rising Incidence of Avian and Poultry Diseases to Push Farm Animal Drug Market

San Francisco, California, June 04, 2018 – The global hospital capacity management solutions market is expected to exhibit a positive growth trajectory in the coming years, according to recently published report, titled, “Farm Animal Drug Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025.” The intelligence study discusses how the growing demand for animal protein, and higher incidence of animal-contracted disease is fuelling the global farm animal drug market. Additionally, the report delves into the analysis of various market dynamics, such as opportunities, trends, challenges, and drivers.

Farm animal drugs are medications applied for use in mitigation, diagnosis, cure and prevention of disease in animals. The utilizations of these products is important for their physical health and is the primary factor propelling the livestock industry across the world. The diverse variety of farm animal drugs range from anti-infective, parasiticides, anti-inflammatory, analgesics, anesthetics, and hormones, to antibiotics.

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The number of traditional farm animals, especially ruminants and poultry, has risen to twice its number over the last decade with the booming population with mouths to feed. The surge in demand for fresh meat and dairy products has put a focus on animal nutrition, thus, driving the market in spite of hindrances such as shortage of veterinarians in emerging markets.

High demand for proteins obtained from animals, coupled with unfortunate events such as an outbreak of bird flu and avian influenza that require immediate drug administration, is further fuelling the adoption and acceptance of farm animal drugs. Additionally, the rising demand for specific meat in different regions of the world is pushing the rise of the global farm animal drugs market.

A number of developed and emerging regions across the globe are expected to be potentially vital regional markets for farm animal drugs. Europe is expected to contribute substantial revenues to the global markets, driven by the burgeoning demand for meat. Asia Pacific is predicted to emerge as a largely lucrative market, with the ever growing demand for farm animal drugs on account of the rapidly rising livestock industry in its key economies.

Prominent players in the global farm animal drug market are Intas Pharmaceutical Ltd., Elanco Animal Health, Intas Pharmaceutical Ltd., Alembic Animal Health, and Zoetis, Inc.

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