Rising Health-conscious Consumers Stoke Demand in Milk Protein Concentrate Market

Milk protein concentrate or MPC are the concentrates of processed skim milk, where the protein content is above 42% or even higher than 75%. The protein content in the milk such as serum and casein protein differs according to the membrane concentrations level. Milk protein concentrates (MPC) in the United States are defined as complete milk protein such as lactalbumin and casein concentrates, which contains minimum of 40% protein by weight.

However, several procedures involve in producing milk protein concentrates such as spray drying, evaporation, and ultrafiltration. The process of ultrafiltration helps in separating the whole milk into cream or skim milk. Such process removes the liquid part from the milk for obtaining minerals along with small molecules of protein.

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Going forward, the global milk protein concentrate market is expected to grow at a solid pace due to the convenience it provides to the consumers.

Consumers Inclination towards Healthy Eating Habits to Boost Milk Protein Concentrate Market

Milk protein concentrates can be found in the form of dry powder. Such form of milk protein concentrate is widely used in various energy and dessert bars and food and dairy products. Such USPs are believed to be driving the global milk protein concentrate market. Along with this, increasing cases of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, rising awareness about health consciousness, and burgeoning population are also expected to boost the global milk protein concentrate market.

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Furthermore, a recent trend in healthy snacking and healthy eating is also projected to propel the global milk protein concentrate market. Apart from dairy products, milk protein concentrate is also used in various cheese products and nutrition products. Apart from these, increasing demand for weight management, rising need for physical fitness among consumers, growing consumers preference towards healthy eating, and rising demand for nutritious food are also believed to thrust the global milk protein concentrate market.

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