Rising Global Alcohol Consumption Boosts Black Beer Market

The black beer or dark lager originally is from Germany. The beer is in the opaque, black color, and available in flavors of coffee and chocolate, which contain around 5% alcohol. This combination is very similar to the stout made from roasted malt, which gives them a dark color.

The black beer is available in two forms first is imperial stout and foreign stout. The imperial stout is black in color, which has extremely rich malty flavor and aroma in it. Additionally, it has a sweet malt character. However, the addition of hops is giving it a bit of bitterness. Another one is foreign stout, which contains 6% to 8% of alcohol in it. The foreign beer or stout is an extra-hopped version.

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Trend of Offering Beer Boosts Black Beer Market Growth

The demand for black beer globally is rising on the back of rising alcohol consumption globally. The age of consuming alcohol is lowering; however, in order to avoid consumption of the drinks, which contain large alcohol contains is boosting demand for overall beer and black beer market. Additionally, high consumption of black beer from its origin – Germany is propelling the growth of the black beer market. Apart from Germany, the market is gaining traction due to growing its global demand. The demand from black beer is increasing from countries such as Shri Lanka and Jamaica, which is boosting the black beer market.

The trend of offering beer at some special occasions such as office parties and weddings has a crucial role in growth of the global black beer market. Additionally, the contemporary-day demand for black beer is predicted to rise as the people want to try all the tastes especially of drinks. This trend is predicted to boost market growth even in the coming years. Additionally, key players are investing to innovate and improve their product portfolio is expected to drive market growth.

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