Rising Expansion of Agricultural Sector Encourages Progress in Trifluralin Market’s Growth

Trifluralin refers to an extensively used herbicide across the globe. It is derived with dichloromethane and is identified by making use of capillary gas chromatography with a nitrogen–phosphorus detector. Trifluralin is commercially available in the form of granular formula, emulsifiable concentrate, or liquid.

It is used for controlling broad-leaved weeds and annual grasses in ornamental plants, food crops, and cotton. Food crops such as beans, sunflowers, cabbage, sugar cane, broccoli, tomatoes, sugar beet, and varieties of green leafy vegetables. Studies reveal that ornamental plants, soybean, and cotton account for the sizeable chunk of the global trifluralin market.

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Trifluralin comes with low solubility in water and has the capability to create strong bonds with the soil. A wide variety of pests can be targeted by making use of trifluralin. For example, chickweed, knotweed, hairy crabgrass, Mexican fireweed, pigweed, silver crabgrass, Russian thistle, goathead, and many others are targeted by this herbicide.

The global trifluralin market is expected to witness robust growth driven by its substantial requirement and usage in the expanding agriculture industry. The herbicide eliminates the need to wait for a long time till the unwanted plantings, such as weeds, are destroyed totally. Tiling is still widely used for the decomposition of weeds naturally, but today’s techniques that make use of trifluralin are gaining traction substantially. Trifluralin speeds up the turnaround time for crops whilst reducing the reliance on the tiling activity. The herbicide is also an effective process of removing weed. It offers cost-effectiveness along with reduction in time and labor.

Of all the regions, Asia Pacific and North America are the major markets for trifluralin. The market is driven by the surge in growth of agricultural sector. Furthermore, the trifluralin manufacturing companies in Latin America are making more investments in research and development activities, which have resulted in the escalated demand for trifluralin in Latin America.

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Shandong Qiaochang Chemical Co., Ltd, Dow Chemical Company, Chongqing Shurong Chemical Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Fengshan Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Sunrising Industry Co., Ltd, and BASF are some of the key trifluralin manufacturers.

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