Rising Environmental Awareness is Setting-up Market Space for Biodegradable Alkyl Polyglucosides

alkyl polyglucosides market

Sugar-based surfactants are becoming popular in various end-use segments due to their biodegradable nature. Out of all the surfactants, alkyl polyglucosides are much in demand, as they contain starch and vegetable oil as main ingredients. Alkyl polyglucosides have been given the status of pharmaceutical excipients and pose no threat to the environment. All these reasons cumulatively are gearing for the stellar growth of the global alkyl polyglucosides market.

Other reasons impacting the global alkyl polyglucosides market include the skin friendly nature and use of natural ingredients in preparation of these surfactants.

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Some key points that are driving the growth of the alkyl polyglucosides market are-

  • The rising awareness to prevent environmental hazard is in general leading to increased use of eco-friendly products. People are inclined towards the use of organic products to mitigate the risk of health hazards. Use of sustainable products is likely to boost the alkyl polyglucosides market.
  • Raw materials required for the preparation of alkyl polyglucosides are present in abundance and are renewable in nature. Some of the raw materials used for preparation include- cornstarch and fatty alcohol. Easy availability of raw materials is a driving factor for global alkyl polyglucosides market.
  • Alkyl polyglucosides have application in various industries such as cosmetics, personal care, agriculture, detergents and industrial cleaners.  As people are becoming aware about the significance of natural products, they tend to use personal care and cosmetic products consisting of natural ingredients. This is a major contributing factor resulting in expansion of the global alkyl polyglucosides market.
  • Detergent vertical is predicted to come up as a dominant end user segment in global alkyl polyglucosides market in coming years. This is because of super foaming and low-toxic properties of the alkyl polyglucosides.

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Increasing awareness about biodegradable products along with the increase in disposable income has made Asia Pacific market favorable for the growth of the global polyglucosides market.

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