Rising Demand for Smart Interiors Propels Digital Living Room Market

Earlier, living rooms were confined to Television sets, Sofa, and a bit of home décor products. However, over the past two decades the living rooms have witnessed a huge shift form TV sets to flat screen television, home theatre, and blu rays.

In the age of artificial intelligence and IoT (internet of things ) and where everything is connected and integrated with wireless networks, living rooms are expected undergo a makeover. With the increase in purchasing capacities the demand for smart digital device are increasing, owing in the growth of the global digital living market.

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Some of the cool digital living room products that have been launched recently are-

Smart Clock – These smart clocks come with Google assistants, with which everything is made easier. These clocks tells time, charges your phones, gives a wakeup call by brightening the face of the clock before the alarm goes off.

These are stylish and trendy and it may create a vogue among young generation , owing to the growth of the global digital living room market.

Moodo Smart Aroma Diffusers- The aroma diffusers provide four interchangeable capsules for scents. These run on a technology that can be handled from far off. This is ideal for home use. Rising demand for home décor and decorative products, and changing lifestyle are expected to surge the global digital living room market.

New Nano Leaf Panels- This is known as future of home décor, which is made of light panels from nanoleaf. All that you need to do is connect a string with the choice of design that one wants on their living room wall. They can be controlled from the mobile app, the color choice can be made according to our wish and light panels can be set according to our mood and music playlist. This can even wake you up in the morning, thanks to the technology. People moving into new apartments or revamping the old décor with the new and latest décor are expected to drive the global digital living room market.

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Author: Rohit Bhisey

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