Rising Demand for Skin Products Propels the Isobutyl Stearate Market

The isobutyl stearate market is expected to register healthy growth in the near future. Isobutyl stearates are chemical stearate esters, which act as waxy solids or oily liquids. These are also called as 2-methylpropyl ester, isobutyl ester, Kessco IBS, and octadecanoic acid. It is a combination of stearic acid and isobutyl alcohol. Their primary qualities such as oily nature and low viscosity make them ideal for non-greasy hydrophobic film, which are applied on lips and skins. This application drives growth of the isobutyl stearate market due to strong demand from the personal care and cosmetics industry.

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Stearate esters are ideal for use as lubricants due to their waxy and oily properties. This helps the formation of isobutyl stearate content on skin, making way for its use as a widely used skin agent. Additionally, rising demand for bio-lubricants is fuelling growth of the isobutyl stearate market. These lubricants are found in vegetable and animal fats. Growing demand from the metal working industry is expected to drive the isobutyl stearate market in the near future.

Growing demand in Asia Pacific to Boost the Isobutyl Stearate Market

Growing demand for cosmetics and personal care products in Asia Pacific are expected to boost the isobutyl stearate market in the near future. Large population and growing disposable income in these countries are expected to drive growth of the isobutyl stearate market in the near future. Additionally, Asia Pacific has also become a key manufacturing hub for worldwide companies. Countries such as China, India, and South Korea are demanding metal working fluids for manufacturing. This is also expected to result in significant growth for the isobutyl stearate market in the near future.

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The isobutyl stearate market in North America and Europe are expected to register modest CAGR growth during the forecast period. Growing application of bio-lubricants and bio-esters are expected to result in healthy growth for the regional market during the forecast period.

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