Rising Demand for Rigid Packaging Fillips Nucleating and Clarifying Agents Market

Nucleating agents refer to the chemicals which helps in enhancing the process of crystallization in semi-crystalline polymers. Such agents are mainly used as an additive to the polymers and provides a heterogeneous surface to the melted polymer. By using nucleating agents, the polymer can be crystallized at a high temperature, while they also enhance the rate of nucleation and crystallization. The additional advantage comes from the nucleating agents is formation of the smaller crystals along with a high number of spherules. Nucleating agents make the polymer stress resistant and flexible in nature.

Clarifying agents help in removing the suspended solid particles from a liquid by a process, flocculation. The most common clarifying agents, which are extensively used across numerous industries include calcium hydroxide, alum, polyacrylamide, and aluminium sulphate. Clarifying agents help in manufacturing highly transparent materials. Such USPs are majorly driving the global nucleating and clarifying agents market.

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Going forward, the global nucleating and clarifying agents market is expected to grow at a solid pace, owing to their potentiality in reducing time during polymer processing.

Increasing Demand for Various Polymers in Day-to-day Applications Fuels Market’s Growth

Rising use of polymers in various industrial applications such as consumer products. Packaging, and automotive is majorly fueling demand in the global nucleating and clarifying agents market. Nucleating and clarifying agents mainly help in the production of polymers such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyethylene terephthalate. The demand for polypropylene is rising day by day due to its various applications, which in turn is also boosting the global nucleating and clarifying agents market.

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Furthermore, the demand for nucleating and clarifying agents is also rising due to their ability in producing efficient and high quality products. Along with this, increasing demand for rigid packaging from food and beverage industry, and growing demand for various consumer products are further propelling expansion in the global nucleating and clarifying agents market.R

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