Rising Demand across Several End Use Sectors is likely to Drive Fortified Dairy Products Market

The global fortified dairy product market is estimated to witness considerable growth due to rising demand for the product. Fortified dairy products are enriched dairy products. During the process of fortification or enrichment of dairy products, micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals are added in a bid to diminish the deficiency of these nutrients in people. In addition, flavoured milks are excellent in taste and flavour, which is adding to the growth of the global fortified dairy product market.

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Rising Disposable Income to Sustain Growth of the Market

In the last few years, a wide range of dairy products has been introduced to keep up with the rising demand for such new and different products. In addition to dairy-based products, there has been a rise in demand for various types of creamy products such as flavored milk, milkshakes, fromage frais, cream cheese, cheese, cheese, and yoghurts. A rise in the consumer urge for living a healthy life and staying fit has generated demand for healthy foodstuff like yoghurt, milk, cheese. The demand for soft cheese, cheese is generated by packaged food industry, which is likely to encourage the growth of the global fortified dairy product market in the years to come.

Fortified milk is rich in vitamin D and vitamin A. Besides, milk is naturally rich in various other minerals and vitamins. Both unfortified and fortified milk are extremely nutritious. Calcium and phosphorous rich milk and milk products support bone health and strength. Milk can be fortified with various nutrients such as folic acid, iron, and zinc. Growing popularity of milk and milk products is likely to amplify the growth of the global fortified dairy product market.

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In addition, a rise in the disposable income together with better employment opportunity is anticipated to drive the demand for these products. Price of fortified dairy products is on the higher side, which makes consumption of these dairy products regularly difficult for the people in the low-income groups. As such, it can be said that fortified dairy products are still a niche segment but with ample scope for growth in the times to come.

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