Rising Demand across several End-use Industries fuels eNose Market

The expanding use of eNose across a range of end-use industries from food sensory analysis to environmental monitoring is creating opportunities in the eNose market. The diverse application areas of eNose is due to its ability to mimic natural sensorial abilities of humans, thus finds use to detect complex chemical and biochemical mixtures.

Exponential growth of the food industry is opening vistas for the eNose market. Alarming number of incidence of food contamination has led food manufacturers to install electronic sensors to detect food contamination. eNose is used widely for the purpose. In food manufacturing units, eNose helps in reducing instances of microbial contamination and helps regulators with early detection if food contamination is in the happening.

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Another lucrative application of eNose in the food industry is aligning with GC and sensory examination for food grading. To further widen the expanse, companies operating in the eNose market are making use of technology to tap opportunities in ancillary segments of the food industry. This includes postharvest detection of fruit diseases, pesticide residue, and monitoring of gases.

Novel Use in Public Welfare bolsters Growth

The application of eNose extends to public welfare and healthcare too. Public security affairs and disease diagnosis are some areas where eNose is used in public welfare and healthcare services respectively.

The medical industry provides immense growth opportunities to the eNose market. The use of eNose for detecting cancer biomarkers is makes it prominent in the entire medical sector. eNose is essential for the early detection of cancer, and contributing to advances in oncology.

eNose finds application in the chemical industry as well. It is used to detect volatile organic compounds. Stringent regulations for emissions of volatile organic compounds have necessitated chemical industries to install sensors for detection of these compounds. This provides opportunities to the eNose market.

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