Rising Data Centers Complement Market for Critical Power and Cooling

San Francisco, California, January 25, 2018: A solid growth of the data center industry has trickled its benefits to the global critical power and cooling market. Management of power supply forms the crux of organizations where computer hardware is abundantly employed. Data centers are one of most affluent users of hardware, thus, requiring a strong fabric of power management. Moreover, regulated cooling is vital for the smooth functioning of all computer hardware, and majority of the large-scale organizations are employing cooling techniques to enhance the performance of their hardware. A report by TMR titled, “Critical Power and Cooling Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast 2017 – 2025” prognosticates the trends that could surface in the market over the given timeframe. It sheds light on several market dynamics that are expected to maneuver the flow of the market. The report serves as an important barometer to measure the future progress of the market by giving key insights on regional growth, competitor analysis, and market drivers. Furthermore, the potential threats that could hamper the progress of the market have also been expounded to caution the market players. The market for critical power and cooling endows commendable opportunities for growth and development.

The need for digital data has amplified in recent times, which has resulted in the creation of numerous data centers. As data centers across the world multiply, the demand within the market for critical power and cooling is anticipated to trace an upward graph. Power expenses occupy a major share of the running costs of a data center, thus, making it integral to employ power management systems. Moreover, environmental hazards caused by the inefficient management of power also accelerates demand within the market. A number of institutions and associations have taken initiatives to consolidate the framework of critical power and cooling, which contributes to market growth.

Despite the visible efficiency of critical power management and cooling systems, the nascence of the concept makes it difficult to pervade across all industrial longitudes. The high cost of implementation is another factor that obstructs the growth of the market. Besides this, limited expertise of professional in the field of critical power management discourages data centers from employing these systems. Notwithstanding the hindrances, the efforts of the market players in capturing the data center industry is anticipated to be a strong propeller of demand. Furthermore, green data centers are gradually surfacing across various regional pockets, and the market players could optimize their growth by adhering to environmental regulations.

The global market for critical power and cooling can be segmented into the Middle East and Africa, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Europe. Computing and technology has witnessed rapid advancements across U.S., which is anticipated to boost the market in North America. The mushrooming data centers in India would enhance the overall growth of the Asia Pacific market. Moreover, the highest growth rate over the coming years is expected to be registered by the market in Asia Pacific.

The report portrays several market strategies adopted by key market players in order to gain a competitive edge over others. The contemporary market players for the global critical power and cooling market include General Electric Company, Delta Electronic Inc., Daikin Industries Ltd., Siemens AG, SPX Corporation, Critical Power, Stulz GmbH, Schneider Electric.,Cyber Power Systems, Eaton Corporation, and ABB.

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