Rising Awareness among Population about ill-effects of Chemical Nutraceuticals is Pushing Demand for Botanical Supplements

botanical supplements market

Since botanical supplements are products made from plants or plant extracts, they mostly pose no side effects to consumers, unlike chemical nutraceuticals. Owing to the rising awareness about botanical supplements among customer the botanical supplement market is likely to witness significant growth in the coming years. Besides, companies involved in the manufacture of botanical supplements are undertaking marketing initiatives to expand their consumer base. This is one major factor influencing the growth of botanical supplement market.

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Novel developments in the field of botanical supplement market is attracting huge chunk of the population. Lately, MusclePharm Corporation introduced a vegan protein called as Natural. The product gained much popularity among people who have given up on animal products and have become vegan.

Another company known as NBTY has launched flavoured protein powders containing plants extracts. Some of the flavours introduced by NBTY are mixed berry super fruits, cocoa powder, and vanilla beans.

Urban population has come up as a major contributor to the growth of global botanical market. The rise in demand for botanical supplements is attributed to substantial change in lifestyle of people. Some of the major factors fuelling the demand for botanical supplements across the globe are-

  • Rising cases of obesity is one of the major issues flooding across the globe. Referring to statistics, 35.7% of young adults and 42.8% middle-aged people are diagnosed with obesity. To address this, people are opting for herbs which can help them reduce weight in a natural way. This, in turn, is attracting the crows towards botanical supplement market.
  • Another major concern pertaining to lack of nutrition is sedentary lifestyle. Hectic work schedules and personal commitments are common reasons for individuals to become careless of their health. They do not get enough time to prepare fresh meals on a regular basis. Hence, people are opting for botanical supplements to compensate the need of vitamins and minerals.

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All the factors mentioned above are cumulatively propelling the expansion of global botanical supplement market. 

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