Rising Association Between Beauty and Quality of Life to Drive Growth

The radio frequency beauty equipment market is expected to drive robust growth as studies and public perception continue to drive association between beauty and quality of life. Conventionally, beauty is often associated with getting the best suitor for women in marriages. Moreover, new studies also point towards the fact that beauty contributes to higher self-esteem and higher quality of life. This is apparent in studies wherein candidates with similar resumes are voted based on perceptions and individuals with better looks have often come out on top. Moreover, advertisements driven by social media are also expected to drive this association as social media influencing becomes a key driver for growth in the market. Major cosmetic companies like L’Oreal have announced a complete shift to social media influencing strategy as the perception of beauty continues to be driven by peers, good quality of products, and positive reinforcement.

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Growing FDA Approvals for RF-Based Treatment to Drive Growth

The FDA plays an instrumental role in safety and possible commercialization of devices. In 2019, the FDA approved a pain-relieving radio-frequency based device for patients. The approval is in line with approval of RF-based treatments which are now considered safe in the US. The recent device uses heat in a similar way to beauty equipment but in a more critical area of pain treatment. The generated heat reduces skin stiffness and is ready for large-scale commercialization. The growing demand for beautification treatments, the streamlining of approval process, and positive reception of RF technology for beauty treatments are expected to drive growth. Moreover, the RF treatments in the approved device was approved as it had shown to lead to more blood circulation, something critical for skin rejuvenation and beautification. The rising demand for beautification products, growing concerns about safety, and growing FDA approval are expected to create significant opportunities for players in the radio frequency beauty equipment market.   

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