Rise in Patients with Spontaneous and Controlled Ventilation Drive Laryngeal Masks Market

Laryngeal mask airway (LMA) or simply laryngeal masks have emerged as a powerful airway management in wide range of surgical procedures, particularly short. Growing use of these masks in outpatient anesthesia is a key trend boosting the laryngeal masks market. Clinicians have seen equal effectiveness of these masks in spontaneous and controlled ventilation.

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Over the years, difficult or failed intubation is a potentially lucrative indication of techniques in the laryngeal masks market. They have emerged as a potential alternative to bag masks. The most prominent benefit driving the popularity of LMA is reduced risk of aspiration. The growing number of patients who need ventilation is a key trend boosting the laryngeal masks market.

The growing number of pediatric patients who need LMA is a key aspect for the expansion of the laryngeal masks market. Advances in forms and configurations in LMA are expanding the horizon for players in the market. A wide range of forms are available and multiple vendors aim at reducing the cost of maintenance, especially that of cleaning.

Advances Made in Second-Generation Masks Open New Avenues

In recent years, second-generation LMAs are gathering steam in the laryngeal masks market. Vendors are leaning on improved seal materials and designs to meet the advanced need in pediatric, adult, and elderly patients. The growing demand for laryngeal masks that facilitate blind intubation is a key trend boosting the prospects in the market.

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The healthcare sector in developing and developed nations is keen on improving the skills of multiple specialties engaged in anesthesia administration and monitoring. North America is a highly lucrative market and is expected to see several new revenue streams in near future. The rise in target populations and advances made in LMAs techniques and devices boost the revenue potential of this regional market. Another promising market is Asia Pacific, where the surgical unit is making advances to meet the needs of patients with respiratory diseases.

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