Rise in Demand from Lubricants and Oil Industries Drive Pace of Commercialization of Disodium Sebacate Market Products

Disodium Sebacate (DSS) market has garnered revenue growth on the back of utilization of this derivative of castor oil in lubricant industry. DSS is also popularly used in making cosmetics and detergents manufacturing. For lubricants, it acts as a corrosion inhibitor. Further, the growing use of DSS among oil refiners world over is boosting the DSS market. Rising production of DSS to meet the globally rising demand from numerous end-use industries is accelerating the pace of commercialization for products in the DSS market.

Another key application area that is also emerging in the DSS market is the demand coming from the aerospace industry, where DSS is used as a coolant. Growing technical-grade production of DSS is expanding the revenue potential in the DSS market.

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Players Focus on Consolidating Supply Chain Networks

However, the instability of supply chain is a key challenge for players. This is because the fluctuation of raw material prices also has created a significant impediment for chemical companies in the Disodium Sebacate (DSS) market. Further, the sparse solubility of DSS has hindered its applications. On the other hand, there has been rapidly rising demand for DSS in the personal care and cosmetics industry.

A growing number of players are aiming at backward and forward integration strategies with an aim to consolidate their supply chain. Also, producers are striving to meet the wide cross-section of demand, especially those coming from metal manufacturing where lubricants play a crucial role. Rise in production of grease and lubricants in developing economies of the world has spurred the industrial sales of DSS. Chemical companies, especially those targeting cost-sensitive markets, are keen on coming out with cost-effective formulations.

Geographically, Europe and North America have been remarkably lucrative markets. On the other hand, Asia Pacific has seen the rise in volume of exports in countries such as India, China, and Japan. The consumption volumes in the region is also expected to rise substantially.

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