Rise in Airline Passengers to Propel Growth of the Tow Prepreg Market

The development of the global tow prepreg market is attributed to its increasing demand from various end-use industries, such as oil and gas, automotive, transportation, aerospace, and defence sectors. Airbus and Boeing have increased the making of commercial aircrafts in a bid to meet up with the demand of rising number of airline passengers. Rise in airline passenger is estimated to bolster the demand for tow prepreg in aircraft and electric cars. This factor is anticipated to support growth of the global tow prepreg market in the near future.

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Prepreg is widely known as a reinforcing fabric, which has been pre-infused with resin system. The system comprises appropriate curing agent. Prepreg is regarded as one of the crucial materials utilized in boards with multiple layers and it holds together the cores. Tow prepreg comes with high filament numbers and is usually utilized in end use sectors that need immense robustness. Tow prepregs also have carbon, duro plastic resin as binder material, and glass fiber filament. This product is pre-infused with resin system, which enables industrial manufacturers to remove the resin coating and thus improving the output. Multiple benefits of the product is anticipated to bolster growth of the global tow prepreg market over the period of analysis.

Environment Friendly Feature of Tow Prepreg to Bolster its Demand

Advantages of wet winding method and augmented use of tow prepreg in the oil and gas sector is forecasted to act as growth factor for the global tow prepreg market in the near future. Wet winding process is mostly utilized in oval, hollow, or circular things like pipes and tanks. Substances that are involved in the wet winding process comprise cores, fibres, and resins. This method is restricted to convex shaped things and causes material wastage, which leaves adverse impact on the environment. It is a health hazard for both technician and workers alike and, as such, is not regarded as appropriate environment for workers. Wet winding process causes issues pertaining to off-gassing, odor, and resin pot-life. The tow prepregs overcomes the challenges that are posed by wet winding process and it does not involve solvents and volatile organic compounds in the process. The global tow prepreg market is likely to observe growth in is environment friendly features.

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