Rise in Aging Population Drive Demand for Assisted Living Facility and Neurorehabilitation in U.S.

Healthcare agencies around the world have appreciated the need for assisted living facility and related approaches for helping the affected make reentry into the mainstream. In the U.S., government agencies have reiterated the fact that traumatic brain injuries are associated with substantial health and economic burden. The need for long-term medical and assistive care in people with war injuries has propelled the demand for assisted living facility and neurorehabilitation programs. This is a key drive for the evolution of U.S. assisted living facility & neurorehabilitation market.

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A number of cutting-edge therapies hope to expand the continuum of care in the market. Some of the key therapies are recreational therapies, massage, and multisensory stimulation. Over the past few years, acute management of stroke volume has increased in aging population. In the U.S., strokes are a leading cause of morbidity.

Targeted Rehabilitation Care Programs in Specialized Settings Unlock New Prospects

Evidence-based and targeted rehabilitation care programs in specialized settings have taken off in the U.S. in a noticeable way. The country has seen an increasing trend of initiatives in integrating neurorehabilitation service in comprehensive stroke centers. A number of systematic care protocols have been implemented in recent years, unlocking new opportunities for healthcare providers in the U.S. assisted living facility & neurorehabilitation market. The proponents of healthcare are also focusing on psychological and psychiatric evaluations.

Growing demand for evidence-based protocols is boosting the revenue potential in U.S. assisted living facility & neurorehabilitation market. Top players are working collaboratively and concertedly to adopt robust rehabilitation care pathway. Growing demand for cutting-edge technologies in inpatient acute rehabilitation in hospitals is boosting the market.        

Rise in demand for home therapies and long-term care facilities has been boosting the growth avenues in the U.S. assisted living facility & neurorehabilitation market. 

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