RFID to Deliver Enhanced Services at Eye Care Clinics

Recently, a partnership between the U-M Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety (CHEPS) and Kellogg Eye has unlocked a completely new way of using RFID technology.
Until now radio-frequency identification (RFID) was limited to the retail sector that will now be used in getting faster doctor’s appointment. In the Kellogg Eye Center at the University of Michigan, RFID will track and reduce patients wait time while visiting a doctor.

Initiation of a Smart Clinic

RFID technology was highly employed in the retail sector to track products for many years. It was also used in EZ pass booths and car ignitions. However, Kellogg doctors, medical assistants, and patients have agreed to wear ID tags equipped with RFID chip. It resulted in a smart clinic with a continuous note of patient wait time and real-time localization of the healthcare provider.

Improves Efficiency of Services Provided in Clinics

There is a long procedure to get a doctor’s appointment, which make patients unhappy about the services they get. By using RFID data, the team at Kellogg can experiment with changing schedule. They can determine 80% accuracy related to the patient’s wait time. It can further result in improving the efficiency of clinics by including counseling opportunities and additional education.

The number of patients suffering from irreversible blindness caused by glaucoma has increased in the United States. According to Newman-Casey, self-management is the major concerns were people do not take the medications recognized to prevent vision loss. Newman wishes to treat patients in a respectful way and reduce the burden of patients facing while managing a chronic disease. Therefore, by changing schedule and early analysis, the glaucoma clinic attracted more patients without increasing patient waits.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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