Revolutionary Turbine Type Sets Up New Tidal Energy Harnessing Standard

The SR2000 turbine developed by the FloTEC project, has now generated about 3 GWh of electricity, thereby setting up a new benchmark in the field of tidal energy generation.

More Insights about the Project and its Achievements

The FloTEC project was first set in 2016, and was funded by the EU to demonstrate the potential of floating tidal systems. Through these systems, it was planned to generate low-cost, low-risk, and reliable energy, and provide it to the European power grid. And to achieve this, the SR2000 turbine was built, which is considered as one of the most powerful tidal operating stream turbine in the world.

With climate change affecting the entire world, several nations have turned their eye towards renewable energy. And this was one of the most important reasons why the EU funded the FloTEC project so that a new way of alternative power source was utilized. In its first year of testing in the Orkney Islands, the 3 GWh of renewable energy produced by the 2 MW turbine is more than the power generated by Scotland’s entire wave and tidal energy sectors in the previous 12 years.

It has been calculated that the energy generated by the SR2000 turbine in last 12 months of operational time period is enough to meet the annual electricity needs of around 830 British households. The turbine has also been supplying more than a quarter of the power needs of the Orkney Islands. According to Andrew Scott, the SR2000’s splendid performance is a prime example of a highly developed and mature renewable energy technological project. And this project certainly is anticipated to influence other future plans.

The SR2000 has withstood waves over 7 m high until now, and also has managed continuous power generation in seas having with 4-m-high waves. During this time, the device maintained 2 MW rated power in seas with 2m high waves.

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