Researchers Unveil Design of Silicon Quantum Computer Chip

Researchers worldwide have been trying for long to come up with a working computing chip that can combine quantum interactions. Finally, a group of engineers have reached a breakthrough solution in the field with a new chip design.

Throwing light on how it works in the publication Nature Communications, researchers discuss the unique architecture which enables carrying out of quantum calculations leveraging existing semiconductor components called CMOS, acronym for complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor.

The device has been designed by Dr. Menno Veldhorst, a research fellow at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) when the conceptual work was done and Andrew Dzurak, who is director of UNSW.

New Chip Builds Pathway for Copious Amount of Qubits

As per the lead researchers, building a microprocessor chip with numerous operating devices integrated to it and which can be carried in your pocket is a tremendous achievement. Their new chip, in a first, creates a conceivable engineering pathway for building millions of quantum bits, also known as qubits.

They go on to elaborate that by saying that computer chips these days do not have the capacity to tap into the quantum effects required to tackle the crucial challenges that quantum computers can. In order to sort issues that help deal with crucial global challenges such as deadly maladies or climate change, millions of qubits working in sync would be required. To achieve that, what is needed is packing qubits together to integrate them, in the same manner it is done with modern microprocessor chips. That is exactly what the new design hopes to accomplish.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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