Researchers in Japan Find Way to Mix Rocket Fuel Ingredients

With a substantial number of manmade rockets making their way to the outer space these days, the main emphasis is on how to them those safer. In quest of an answer, researchers in Japan have come up with a new production procedure of solid rocket fuel.

As such manufacturing rocket fuel is a tough task since it is volatile and potent and can explode even before it enters the rocket. Hence, one needs to be extra careful while manufacturing it. One needs to mix particular materials but at the same time ensure they are not flung hard. Otherwise, they can become explosive.

How It Works?

The approach by Japanese researchers entails peristaltic movement of the colon leveraging “soft actuation technology.” It has been described as a “robot intestine” giving out “perfectly added rocket fuel,” by Luke Dormehl of Digital Trends. The method entails both conveying and mixing materials. The findings have been published recently in a paper.

Adding together solid propellant slurry takes place in the early stages of solid rocket manufacturing process. It is manufactured by adding together metallic fuel powder, oxidizer powder, additives, and prepolymer. The final product as posted in videos seems like aluminum powder, ammonium perchlorate powder, and an elastomer binder which is comprised of hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB).

The prototype of the apparatus created by engineers to add the fuel is essentially a series of segments of tube that are connected and compress and inflate like a worm. The activity shows how esophagus and intestines carry food around the body via a process called peristalsis.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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