Researchers in China developed an E-skin capable to detecting water drops, wind and moving ants

An electronic skin that is sensitive enough to detect changes in falling drops, air movement, and moving ants, has been developed by a group of researchers functioning at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The research published in the journal Science Robotics, the team describes their possible application and e-skin.

Scientists are making continues efforts in improving the look and capabilities of the robots, as it is one of the major areas of research is skin. Robotic engineers are willing to develop an e-skin that is similar to human skin. The major reason behind this effort is that it is assumed that the robots in the future will need the skill to feel things with which they can perform fine and minute activities. These activities may include noticing changes in texture, responding to temperature, or processing pleasurable sensations. In this new finding, researchers in China have made developments in sensitivity of an electronic skin. The electronic skin is capable of detecting small changes in pressure and then convert them into pulses.

An artificial finger covers with the e-skin was created by the researchers and then it was attached to an artificial arm to understand it working. They analyzed that the skin they created is capable of generating pulse for pressure, which was small like a line of ants running over the surface. Additionally, the e-skin is capable of detecting changes in the wind speed and can differentiate between the sizes of water droplets felt on its surface. In some cases, researchers reported that it detects pressure better than human skin.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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