Researchers Discover Several Fresh Problems Related to Air Pollution

Air Pollution

A study published in BMJ journal points to several new problems that could arise from air pollution. The adverse impacts of increasing air pollution are well established. However, the new study goes an extra mile in finding out unknown facts about the impacts of air pollution. The research conducted by a team of scholars at Harvard University provides important cues for scientists. The researchers at Harvard assert that air pollution is not just related to higher incidence of respiratory ailments. Therefore, it is important to delve into other health vulnerabilities associated with air pollution. The study finds that air pollution could be a cause for heart failure, cancer, strokes, and mental health disorders. Furthermore, miscarriages could also be an indirect outcome of deteriorating air quality.

 Building on Previous Research

 Another research conducted earlier this year stated that air pollution impacted all the cells of the body. The new research is in a way an extension to previous findings on the subject. The lead researcher explained that the intent behind the research was to gather comprehensive insights in this regard. Furthermore, the researchers studied the reasons for hospitalization that could be linked to poor air quality. For the purpose of research, the researchers established relationship between air pollution and 214 different diseases. Besides, over 95 million insurance claims made during 2000 and 2012 were studied for hospitalization patterns.

 Use of Healthcare Data

 The Medicare Program of the US is an all-inclusive healthcare program that has healthcare information of a large population. Therefore, the scientists studied data from this program in order to understand increase in the incidence of a particular disease. The findings of the research open new avenues for other research centers to understand the impacts of air pollution. Several other research methodologies pertaining to healthcare diseases are currently underway.

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