Researchers discover RNA-based Gene Therapy for Cancer Treatment

Researchers from MIT Department of Biological Engineering have recently discovered the several way to hold the expression of RNA once it enters into the body cells. This invention helps in controlling the protein dose that the patient gain during the treatment process and in overall gene therapy. Further, this technology will enable doctors to develop personalized treatments using RNA-based gene therapies. One of the MIT students also revealed that they can even control distinctly how individual gene act inside the body.

This study was also published in a nature research journal Nature Chemical Biology on October 16. In the past, gene therapies have encountered several issue regarding the safety. However, the new advancement in synthetic biology enable the researchers to discover new example of smart therapeutics that can directly deal with the patient’s cell, which helps in boosting treatment outcomes.

The MIT students have now started a new company which will further take this approach forward with its major focus on the treatment of cancer.

RNA-Based Technique may Enhance Gene Therapy

In order to make the RNA-based gene more beneficial, the researchers are working toward developing various methods to control the growth of the therapeutic proteins, after the RNA is introduced inside the cell. For making this possible, the team of researchers have been working through following the synthetic biology principal which allows for specific designing of synthetic DNA circuits to RNA. The circuit developed consists of a single strand of RNA that contain genes for RNA-binding proteins and therapeutic proteins. The researchers also disclosed that due to significant nature of replications, the circuit’s performance can be twisted to permit various proteins to act at various situation, which are from the same RNA strand.

In coming years, the researchers are also hoping to develop circuits that have the capability to diagnose and also have therapeutic value.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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