Researchers devise new, non-intrusive method to prevent cyber-attacks on Android Platform

In 2018, more than million cyber-attacks reported on mobile devices and they are on the rise ever since. Despite this, most companies have unprotected data and poor cybersecurity frameworks, says recent security research. This makes companies vulnerable to data breaches and data losses.

“In fact, data loss and data breach is a top concern for every company because almost all employees routinely access corporate data from tablets and smartphones,” stated an information systems faculty at SMU. Importantly, the cost of corporate data breach is huge estimated at US$ 3.86 million.

Meanwhile, today, work-from-home and bring-your-own-devices are common practices in work environments. With such practices in place, it is expected the number of cyber-attacks to increase significantly in few years. This is because security of home networks is lower in comparison to corporate networks and bring-your-own-devices are riskier and less secure as employees may unknowingly subject sensitive data to malware.

Interestingly, cyber-attacks are also increasingly becoming sophisticated as hackers use techniques that are hard to spot and detect. This requires an intelligent method of monitoring and detecting cyber-attacks, and for complete transparency of IT network including devices within the bring-your-own-devices exercise, added the expert.

According to published data, across the world, Android is the most enormously targeted mobile operating system by malware with a market share of eighty five percent. Therefore, to address the problem of such severity, a team of researchers at SMU decided to focus on malware detection on Android mobile apps.

Acronis Asia R&D Pte Ltd – a leading cyber protection services company shared the vision of the research team of a non-invasive and dynamic solution for malware detection on Android devices.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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