Researchers developed Device to be used for Advanced Cancer Treatment

Researchers from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor revealed that they have developed a device of the size of match head that has potential to bend the light inside the crystal to produce synchrotron radiations in a laboratory. This type of the radiation can be utilized to study the overall behavior of the molecules and atoms and is helpful for producing imaging for the biomedical science.

This study was later published in the journal Science.

The radiation produced by the device have wavelength in the range of terahertz radiation can be useful for imaging applications in the biomedical sciences. This can be helpful in distinguish the healthy tissues from cancerous ones.

The synchrotron radiation is usually developed at facilities of very large area. In the experiments, the researchers using laser bent the light waves with the help of metasurface made of lithium tantalate crystal. The team includes a researcher from Purdue University.

Researchers find New Method to produce Synchrotron Radiation

The researchers achieved their result by curing the light beam at certain phase and intensity. The series arrangement of antennae effects the light pulse to speed up and bend inside the crystal. This light generated a collection of both negative and positive electric charge which further revolved around the trajectory curve path, which leads to synchrotron radiation emission of terahertz frequencies.

In future, the researchers are expecting to develop a device to generate the radiations at a single terahertz frequency.

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