Researchers Develop Procedure to boost Neuroprosthetics Benefits

Researchers Develop Procedure to boost Neuroprosthetics Benefits

Researchers from EPFL’s School of Engineering developed miniature scale platform to record the stimulation of the peripheral nerve fibers on a chip through recording and modulating the activities of the nerve with a high signal-to-noise ratio. This platform helps in paving the way for improving neuroprosthetics process through using the chips. The neuroprosthetics implant may prove to be a medical marvel as it can help the paralyzed patient to walk again through stimulation of the spinal cord. This process can also be helpful in silencing the nerve activity of the patient suffering with severe pain.

The researchers had further developed a nerve-on-a chip platform that record and stimulate from the explanted nerve fibers from rats. This platform further developed at the EPFL can be manufactured in a cleanroom environment and has the ability to record several nerve responses with a high-signal-to noise ratio. In addition, what makes it different is that it can record the different activities of individual cells. This work is published in the journal Nature Communications on October 23, 2018

Researchers find Method to treat Chronic Pain

The scientists used this platform to treat the chronic pain, such as phantom limb pain by developing a chip based on photothermic semiconducting polymer.

In order to improve the position and geometry recording of electrodes, the researchers utilize their platform to measure the exact direction of the nerve impulse propagation and also to figure out whether the nerve impulse come from motor or the sensory nerve. This will help researchers develop bidirectional specific implants which will help in improving the performance of artificial limbs in patients.

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