Researchers Develop Powerful Model to Analyze Cancer

Cancer continues to affect a greater pool of people across the world with each passing year and rigorous research and development activities are currently underway to formulate a formidable therapy and cure for it. A similar R&D activity by the Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS) at Fuyuhiko Tamanoi of Kyoto University, in association with specialists from the U.S., France, and Saudi Arabia have come up with a model to examine cancer cells.

Loosely called as a chicken egg tumor model, the research has paved way to the development of a set up wherein cultured ovarian cancer cells can be subjected over the membrane that engulfs a chicken embryo that is ten days old. These tumors are able to develop within three days of the transplant. When subjected to tumor sample extracted from cancer patients, the chicken and egg model provided an easy method for the replication of human cancer. The results were supported by the study that evaluated the characteristics of the tumor, showcasing that it contained all features and symptoms cancer.

Formation of cancer within three days was a surprise to the researchers, particularly when a similar experiment on mice took several weeks. With this model in place, researchers have now started to text anti-cancer drugs that are customized according to the condition of different individual cancers, the essence of personalized medicine. With possibilities of understanding the type of independent cancer within a week, the researchers are sure of paving way to greater understanding and thereby formulating therapies for the patients.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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