Researchers Develop New Material to Use in Medical Procedures

MeMedical treatment techniques have improved immensely in the recent times. In this progress, advanced technology has played a key role. In a recent research, scientists have discovered new material, which can transform the medical procedures. 

Replacing Human Tissue by Rubber-Like Material in Medical Surgeries

Scientists at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, stated that they have developed a unique material. The specialty of this new material is its rubber-like structure with exceptional properties. Hence, researchers stated that the material could help in medical procedures. Besides, it holds ability to work as a replacement to human tissues in surgeries. Moreover, they added that it would make a huge difference in the lives of many people. The research is open for access in journal ACS Nano.

 Meanwhile, the initial motive of this research was to create a bone-like, hard material. However, the outcomes of this research were startling. The novel material is created using components that are compatible to the human body. In addition, its foundation is similar to plexiglass, a material employed in numerous medical technology applications. Moreover, scientists used a process called nanostructuring to redesign the makeup of this material. It helped them to create a material with exceptional properties.

 Anand Kumar Rajasekharan is one of the study participants.  He stated, “We were really amazed that the material is extremely flexible, soft, and very elastic. We concluded that it couldn’t be used as a bone replacement material. However, the unexpected and novel properties made this discovery exciting.”

 According to the outcomes of this research, the novel rubber-like material is suitable for numerous applications requiring uncommon properties. Some qualities required for medical use are easy processability, high elasticity, and suitability. Martin Andersson, lead researcher of this study stated, “The foremost application we are exploring now is urinary catheters. Change in use in way of this material can stop bacterial growth on the surface. This highlights its suitability for medical uses.”

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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