Researchers Develop Bio-Degradable Scaffolds to Transplant Stem Cell

Scientists from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, has developed a biodegradable nano scaffolds that contain protein, stem cells, and drugs for highly advanced cell therapy and delivery of drugs. This development will help in the treatment of patients suffering with Parkinson’s diseases, aging brain degeneration, and Alzheimer’s. The scientists believe that stem transplantations have high potential to treat diseases associated to central nervous system.

The researchers have developed bio-scaffolds that consist of simulator natural tissues which showed fruitful results when tested on mice and also tested in the test tube process, as per recent published study in Natural Communications. This nano-cell scaffolds holds major growth factors for neural tissue engineering and progressive stem cell transplantation therapy.

The stem cell transplantations witness several drawbacks due to the low rate of cell survivals.

In more controlled and selective way, the scientist highlighted that still there is lot of opportunity left to ensure the neuronal behavior and also to regulate the stem cell differentiation. Furthermore, some biocompatible 3-D hybrid and conventional biodegradable have also emerged promising for stem cell neuronal differentiations.

Scientific New Innovation May helps in Spinal Cord injuries Treatment

The researchers from department of the chemistry and chemical biology from the Rutgers also revealed that the professors are facing various challenges to improve reliable therapeutic procedures for treatment of injuries and disease associated with the central nervous system.

The scientists working closely with neuroscientists and clinicians further plans to test this process on animals first and then start their clinical trials for finding treatments for spinal cord injuries. The current research helped them to disclose the fact that improved cell transplantations therapy has the potential to pave way to advanced solutions for several disease.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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