Researchers develop algorithm to limit emissions related to computer servers

A team of Danish researchers have developed a new algorithm that can significantly reduce the world’s resource consumption of computer servers. From an environment consideration, computer servers are as taxing on the climate as air traffic, thus making green transition to be an urgent matter. The research team at the University of Copenhagen strongly believe in the efficacy of the algorithm, and expect IT companies to deploy it immediately.

The uncontrolled internet usage has a severe impact on the climate due to humongous amount of electricity consumed by computer servers. The CO2 emissions from data centers are currently high as that of combined with air traffic, with emissions anticipated to double in merely a couple of years.

In fact, only a couple of years have passed since the Danish research team is among a group of researchers who developed this algorithm that addressed part of this problem. This involved producing a groundbreaking procedure to streamline workflows of computer servers. The work led to saving of energy and resources. The algorithm was enthusiastically implemented by tech giants Google and Vimeo in their systems, with Vimeo reporting that the algorithm helped with reducing algorithm bandwidth by a multiple of eight.

Taking a cue from this, the Danish research team has perfected the algorithm that is already clever making it possible to address fundamental problems of computer systems.

Meanwhile, an algorithm has surfaced that eliminates one of the major causes of overloaded servers from the root. Prior to this, the initial algorithm was a major improvement over the operational methods of the industry, but, the new version is several times better and reduces use of resources to the best possible extent.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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