Researchers develop a new green engine for Lorries

In a new development, researchers at the Polytechnic University of Valencia have designed a new engine to reduce the environmental impact of lorries that most commonly ply on European roads – the ones that weigh between 18 and 25 tons. From the laboratories at University of Valencia, the team proposed a new configuration with combined benefits of dual-fuel combustion and hybrid engines.

In fact, the results of the first experimental tests for the new design are conclusive. The technology proposed by the research team suggests, compared to diesel, it decreases the levels of NOx by 92% and soot by 88%, amounting to 52 gram per ton and kilometer. As a result, the number surpasses the demanding anti-contamination regulation passed for 2025. The findings of this new technology are published in the journal Energy Conversion and Management.

Assessment of Parallel Hybrid Technology for engines objective of Study

The goal of the study is to assess the technical and economic potential of parallel hybrid technology used along with dual fuel technology. The technology is an alternative to pure electrification design for engines, in order to attain a dramatic decrease in CO2 emissions required by 2025. In fact, the figures attained for emissions of carbon dioxide and other contaminating mediums from combustion engines have been remarkable, said one of the associates of the study.

Besides the CMT-Thermal Engines group at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, some other enterprises that took part in the study are Volvo Group Trucks Technology and Aramco-Overseas Company.

With combining of the two technologies: Hybrid structure and dual-fuel combustion, it makes it possible to maximize benefits of both the technologies. Meanwhile, electrical assistance hinders the use of the thermal engine in below efficiency conditions.

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