Researcher designs New Mirror Material for Improved Gravitational Wave Detection

How fascinating it would be to be able to listen to the cosmos? The scientific efforts of a MIT graduate have led to the design of new mirror materials for improved detection of gravitational wave.

In the initial stages of the research, the physicists examined gravitational waves, at the time when a sensitive version of Laser-Interferometer Gravitational – Wave Observatory became operational.

“The cusp of the discovery is exciting; the point at which the detector reaches sensitivity and it is thought to work.”

Finding to widen expanse of astrophysics

Meanwhile, in 2015, a year after the start of research, the observatory detected gravitational wave for the very first time. This thrilled everyone in the nascent, yet growing field.

“The ability to observe gravitational waves is a totally different way to observe the universe,” said the researcher. “The finding is a big step for astrophysics; it provides potential for things that are not thought to appear. A number of unknown unknowns.

A key contrast between telescopes and LIGO is that the former looks for cosmic phenomena, and the latter listens.

Working on this line, LIGO listens to the densest objects in the universe – black holes and neutro stars.

In terms of orbital motion, when the massive objects in the universe near each other, they get trapped in a collapsing orbit. Because of this, they spin faster and faster, closer and closer until it leads to collision.

“During such motion, LIGO detects the chirp. The chirp is the louder and louder, faster and faster signal, akin to the sound of spacetime vibrating,” stated the physicist.

These gravitational waves travel long distances through the universe, twisting everything – planets, stars, and people – on the path.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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