Research leads to One Step Closer to Ubiquity of Smart Clothing

A team of researchers at the University of Oulu along with partners at VTT Research Center and Polar Electro have developed a new system of electrodes. These can be implemented into our clothing and can withstand our daily routines.

“Following this development, it brings us a step closer to the ubiquity of smart clothing. This will enable smart clothing to change their appearance and properties, along with their ability to monitor health and surrounding environment,” stated adjunct Professor of the study.

The development provides new insights into novel techniques of fabrication of reliable and inexpensive electrodes that are necessary for smart clothing. The development of new system of electrodes is published in the recent open-access edition of npj Flexible Electronics.

“Meanwhile, roll-to-roll technology allows large area printing of the electronic subsystem at a high speed, analogous to the printing process of newspaper,” said one of the associate at VTT who supervised the printing trials.

New Electrodes pins hope for Sustainable Smart Clothing

The ability of the development to implement the results to create sustainable smart clothing is another aspect of the study. As such, biodegradable and environmental friendly materials can replace plastics and dangerous substances.

While, electronic devices have been long used, their applications for clothing has been limited. This is because of subject to vulnerability and inflexibility of conditions that we face every day. The research serves to help to resolve these limitations and improve our everyday life, stated a leader of Optoelectronics and Measurement Techniques Unit where the research conducted.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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