Research Highlights Potential Use of Robots in Rehabilitation Treatments

Scientists are engaged in research activities to advance the treatments options in the healthcare system. They pour efforts to incorporate new and advanced technologies to offer patient better treatment options. A recent research highlighted the possibility of using robots in occupational rehabilitation. This is said to be one of the important researches that will change the future of patient treatments.

Using Robotics to Access Work Ability of an Individual

Scientists at the University of Alberta revealed the outcomes of their recent research. They highlighted that robots can help in guiding injured workers to recover early. For this purpose, robots can be given training. Thus, robots can guide workers using simulated tasks. This technique will also help in return-to-work assessments and making treatment programs more effectual and accessible, according to researchers.

Doug Gross works as a physical therapist as well as professor in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. He said, “Latest research will advance the assessment of patient’s work ability and rehabilitation treatments. Furthermore, it will lead to more sustainable and safer return-to-work efforts following injury.”

Gross highlighted the usefulness of technology during the current situation when physical distancing is needed to avoid any disease spread. This technique will also help in providing rehabilitation services to the population living in rural areas as well. He added that the robots could be given training without the need of specific programming knowledge. For this purpose, a machine-learning technique called learning from demonstration is an efficient tool.

Mahdi Tavakoli is the co-author of this study. He explained that therapist could program the robots. For this purpose, they physically demonstrate and train robots on how to perform the task. Thus, these trained robots can assist patients to complete the task without the need of human intervention. Similarly, these robots can assist therapists in assessment of patient’s progress.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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