Research finds a new way to generate hydrogen using microwaves

A research initiative by researchers at the Spanish National Research Council and Polytechnic University of Valencia, has led to a revolution in the field of energy research. And, is a breakthrough in process decarbonisation, future of the automotive sector, and the chemical industry among others. The method involves transforming electricity into hydrogen or chemical products with the sole use of microwaves. The apparatus does not involve any cables, or any type of contact with electrodes.

Developed and patented by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Spanish National Research Council, the technology is based on the phenomenon of microwave reduction of solid materials. Using the method, electrochemical processes can be directly carried out without requiring electrodes, thereby greatly simplifying and making it inexpensive for practical use. As such, this provides more freedom in the design of the structure of the device and choosing of operations, mainly temperature.

Technology showcases potential to meet goals to reduce energy

“The technology has great practical potential, especially for use in storing energy and to produce synthetic fuels and green chemical products. Since the transportation industry is immersed in a transition for decarbonisation, today, the aspect has significant importance. This means the transportation sector has demanding goals to meet between 2030 and 2040. Such goals are to reduce the consumption of energy and materials from fossil sources, mainly oil and gas,” a researcher at the Chemical Technology Institute, Spanish National Research Council.

Meanwhile, production of green hydrogen is the main use of this revolutionary technology. The process does not involve emitting greenhouse gases, rather involves the use of water from industrial and transportation activities. In fact, the technology showcases great potential for the automotive sector, especially for cars powered by fuel cells.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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