Replete with Minerals, Energy Drinks to continue to witness spring in Demand

Rising participation in sporting activities for leisure and exercise has been creating fresh demand in the energy drinks market over the recent past. Adults of all age groups now tend to incorporate some form of exercise in their everyday routine to stay fit and healthy. Energy drinks are now commonly consumed after a session of rigorous exercise either floor exercise, running, jogging, or at the gym for water intake and to replenish the minerals.

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Composition-wise, energy drinks are replete with health boosting ingredients – a key factor for their increased demand. Energy drinks contain high content of vitamin B, which helps to boost immunity and fights deadly diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Energy drinks also contain niacin which helps alleviate arthritis-related pain and blood lipids. Riboflavin is another key ingredient of energy drinks, which helps in the treatment of muscle cramps and different types of blood disorders. Such a composition widens the expanse of growth of the energy drinks market.

Attractive marketing fuels Demand

Attractive marketing of energy drinks is another key factor expanding the growth horizon of energy drinks market. Energy drinks are marketed as healthy alternative to carbonated drinks, resulting in substantial switch from carbonated drinks to energy drinks. Further, energy drinks are marketed to enhance mental and physical performance and boost energy instantly. Most varieties of energy drinks contain caffeine, which works to trigger improved brain functioning and improve concentration and alertness.

North America is a leading consumer of energy drinks. Easy availability of energy drinks via a number of retail channels, and extensive marketing of energy drinks attracts consumers to consume these drinks. High participation in sporting and fitness pursuits for exercise as well as leisure is another key reason for demand of energy drinks. This is because the composition of energy drinks, replete with vitamins and minerals helps to replenish salt, electrolytes, and minerals that are lost during a session of physical exercise or a game of some sport.

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